Add unallocated hard disck space to an existing partition (Windows 7 32-bit)

I came across a situation like this while I’m working in my office. My office-pc’s(OS: Windows 7 32-bit) hard disk had an unallocated space around 30GB. I didn’t want to make use of this space to create another separate partition (already having 3 separate partitions), what I wanted is to extend an existing partition with it. What I did was mentioned in step-by-step below.

  • Open the command-prompt and type diskpart.exe.
  • This directs you to diskpart shell window DISKPART>
  • Then select the volume which you want to extend, in my case it was E drive, so I type 7 enter,
  • DISKPART>  select volume E
  • It will show, “Volume 4 is the selected volume” (in my case, it is the E drive)
  • Then type and enter,
  • DISKPART> extend noerr
  • If all goes well, you will be seen “diskpart successfully extended the volume“.